Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tips on Planning a Beach Wedding


Planning a wedding is stressful and time consuming, especially when you are planning to have a wedding on the beach. There are so many elements that you want to get right. For example, you have to pick which beach you would like to get married at, and also hope that the weather at that time will be good. If you are planning on having a beach wedding, then here are some tips to help you plan a beautiful and successful one!

- Let your guests know that you are having a beach wedding so that way they will be prepared! It would suck if all of your guests didn't know that you were having a beach wedding, and they all showed up in dress shoes and heels! They also might want to know that you are having a beach wedding so that they can bring their sunglasses and dress weather permitting.

- Use a local vendor for the setting of your wedding. If you do this, you will have better access to bathrooms, the indoors, and water on your wedding day. Also, if the weather isn't sunny on your wedding day, you will be able to relocate your ceremony inside through the vendor.

- Plan your wedding date not on a day that isn't popular for the beach. The beach you would want to have your wedding will most likely be packed, especially since it is on a holiday. Some beaches might not allow you to rent out a part of the beach on a busy holiday since that is when they get their business.

- Planning a beach wedding means that you need to plan ahead. You won't know what the outcome is of your wedding will be until the day of your wedding. That's why it is always good to have a backup plan.

- Consider the time of day you want to get married on the beach. If you have a wedding too early in the day, it could be too hot. If you have your ceremony in the evening, it could get too cold. Having your wedding at the time the sun sets is a perfect time.

- Provide shelter for your guests. Just in case if it is too sunny, windy, or hot, it is a good idea to provide your guests with an alternative setting and some shade.

- Check to see if the place you want to have your beach wedding at requires you to have a permit. What would be worse than having your beach wedding all set up only to find that you have to have a beach permit!

- Have sunscreen available for you and your guests. Your wedding party and your wedding guests will be in the sun for a while, and not everyone will remember to apply sunscreen before attending the wedding.

This guest post is contributed by Night Swan Intracoastal Bed and Breakfast, a bed and breakfast in New Smyrna Beach, Florida that hosts weddings.

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